Tuesday, May 28, 2013

July 2012 Safe Sitter Graduates!

July 2nd-3rd Session

July 9th-10th Session

July 16th-17th Session

July 30th-31st Session

Monday, July 18, 2011

Graduating Class of July 2011

From Left to Right on the left side: Madison Schalk, Savanna Sims, Hannah Jones, Breanna Cady (hiding towards the back), Anna Bloodworth, & Elizebeth Riley(standing by the banner)

On the Right side: Logan Smith & Kaley Jones (by the banner)

From right to Left on the Right side: Airial Maddox, Makaylah Hughes, Emma Whitlow, David Abston, Selby Bailey, & Ashton Gilbert

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ask Safe Sitter

Q. Why does the Instructor Manual instruct students to count aloud the 5 abdominal thrusts (or back blows/chest thrusts) during practice?

A. One reason is that it helps them keep track of the number of thrusts (or blows) given. The other is that in an emergency, counting aloud helps the sitter stay focused on what she is doing. Graduates have told us staying focused helped them not only remember what to do, but helped them to stay calm and comfort the child by telling him what they are doing.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

August Graduates Twenty-five

Russellville graduates: Samy, Valerie, Stephanie, Chandler, Kristine, Sass, Eleanor, Cadie Beth, Jordan, Hailey, Anna, Annalise, Andrea, Mariah, Whitley, Bailey
Pottsville: Emma, Isabella
Dardanelle: Logan, Lindsey, Lauren
Dover: Alicia, Shelby, Brooklyn
Pelsor: Dusty

Saturday, August 1, 2009

July Graduates

Fifteen Safe Sitters completed the second of the three class sessions being held this summer at St. Mary's Annex. Favorite sections of the class included making play-dough, practice changing diapers, making nutritous snacks, and the visiting professional instructors. Marshall Gattis of Pope County EMS taught infant and toddler CPR and choking rescue while Officer Josh McMillan of Russellville Police Department took questions regarding safety. Students were from all across the River Valley. Russellville graduates were Caitlyn, Tabitha, Sarah, Carter, and Katie. From Pottsville, Quinn and Sydney. From Dover, Mattie and Allie. From London, Hannah and Lydia. From New Blaine, Ashlyn; from Dardanelle, Delaney; from Danville, Holly; and from Atkins, Shyla.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Current Sitter of the Year

Did you know that Saint Mary's is only one of almost 900 Safe Sitter teaching sites in all 50 states and England? Each year the entire Safe Sitter organization names one “hero” as Sitter of the Year. This year’s hero is Noele, a teenager who used abdominal thrusts she learned in class to save the life of her four-year old sister, MacKenzie, who was choking.

While babysitting Mackenzie, Noele left the room to get a drink to go along with her breakfast when she heard Mackenzie coughing. “By the time I got back, Mackenzie had stopped coughing and acted like she was gagging,” recalls Noele. “She could not talk. Her face was turning red and she put her hands on her throat. I made her stand up, got behind her, and did the Heimlich like I learned in class! The food popped out and Mackenzie started crying. It was not until afterwards that I realized how scared I really was — I just did it! Then I called my mom!”

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Safe Sitter Workshops

The Safe Sitter Program is designed for ages 11-15 who want to learn how to safely care for children. A healthy lunch and snacks are provided. The program fee for the two-day session is $35 per student and includes all materials, t-shirt and backpack. Participation is limited to 25 students per session. Students must complete a two-day class session to receive certification.